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AVCO Drones

Aerial Photography and Filming / Security & Surveillance / Industrial, Commercial and Insurance Inspections /Thermal Imagery / Event Photography / Mapping & Surveying

Based in Cardiff, we are a fully licensed and insured, CAA approved drone company providing a range of aerial services. We provide a professional and reliable approach to flying our drones and before every flight we will carry out a risk assessment, full site survey and preflight check to ensure complete safety to everyone.  We use DJI Drones and ensure that all the latest updates are completed before deployment.

Using a Drone you can get up high to photograph landscapes, cityscapes, real estate and weddings from a different perspective.  AVCO Drones can capture some fantastic photographs or video footage for you website or designs.

AVCO Drones licenced pilot Russell Richards has a backgroud in Surveillance. Our Drone Surveillance will allow effective surreptitious gathering of information about a target to be captured from a distance or altitude.

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A Drone is able to access hard to reach or dangerous places. Our MAVIC Pro2 Drone can provide visual assessments, maintenance checks and environmental inspections in a timely and cost effective manner, thus improving on the Health & Safety of your employees.

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Hire AVCO Drones to capture some stunning photos or video footage of your special event from an elevated perspective, giving you unique photographs and memories of the day.

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